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We are Rick and Fran, owners of Caps Off Brewing Co. We often get asked-how did you get started with brewing? It started over a decade ago, with home brewing! Fran started with fermenting vegetables and teas and as Rick overlooked these crazy concoctions he decided, why not try to brew beer?

Like most home brewers, Rick took over the kitchen but quickly got kicked out to the basement and then to the garage. We continued to brew and experiment with different styles and flavours. Friends who visited our home kept pushing us to open a craft brewery because “Rick’s beer is delicious” but we couldn’t see how a young family of 6 such as ourselves, could do this!

What started as a dream, seemed impossible but before long seemed inevitable. We had to do this! So we took the plunge and with great support, we started Caps Off Brewing Co.

We love our community and are happy to serve St. Thomas, Elgin County, London and surrounding areas.